Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.

good people 4 good Cause


  Ambitious  Resilient  Talented  Inspiring  Self-Confident  Thankful
A is for the Ambition our desire to succeed
Resilience is what we have, we withstand and recover from our systematic existence
T is for the Talent our capacity for achievement
Inspiring everyone we come in contact with while they inspire us
Self-Confidence if you don't believe in you then don't expect anyone else to
Thankful for waking up, for having food, for every blessing, God thank you
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Spotlight Artist of May 
Rubina Iqbal

Rubina is an entrepreneur who knows how to make it happen! She hosts and produces 3 radio shows on Complete Culture Radio - Get Your Mind Right Monday, Hood Politics, & Welcome to the Weekend. She also does multiple interviews every week at Jacey TV's Keep it Weird Wednesdays on Complete Culture TV. While working in the community as a member of the Austin Justice Coalition & an employee of Jump on it EEP, she stays active in local schools and continues to work on the WISH Campaign. Keep up with Rubina @1_Rubina on IG & Twitter. Check out CompleteCultureStore.com & Follow her snap @RadioRubina 
Spotlight Artist of April
NOOK Turner 

Nook Turner is currently pushing his new video She a Pro featuring K Stylis. Behind the scenes he is actively working bring our community together by giving our youth something productive to do! Jump on it Concert series will be back this summer! That's not all, this summer The Rise of Nook Turner an album and full length movie will be released! Nook is also co-host of a weekly radio show Hood Politics on Complete Culture Radio. Check out CompleteCultureStore.com Keep up at NookTurner.com & follow @NookMusic on Twitter and @NookTurner on IG 
Spotlight Artist of March 
Vikram Akula 

Vikram documents what he calls his unexpected quest to end poverty though profitability in his book A Fistful of Rice. His inspiring story of his micro finance business is a must read for everyone! Check it out on amazon
Spotlight Artist of February 

Beyonce is a woman that can definitely make the world stop and she knows it! Formation shook up our world, if you were for her or against her, you were talking about Beyonce. Her women empowered performance at the super bowl brought light to her activism like the homes for the homeless she funded in her hometown of Houston, amongst other beautiful acts. Follow @Beyonce on IG & Check out Beyonce.com
Spotlight Artist of January 2016

Jadakiss says he is not selling you a lifestyle,he is giving us his art. You have to respect his unique sound. Jadakiss is also apart of the Juices for Life, the juice bar in the Bronx. Jadakiss is still dropping hits and It Aint Nothin New. Keep up on Twitter & IG @TheRealKiss 
Spotlight Artist of December 
Styles P 

Styles P is an artist we came up listening to, involved in some the biggest hits in the 90s Styles P is still creating dope albums! Not only that, Styles P has opened a juice bar in Bronx, New York called Juices for Life. There is often a lack of health education and access to healthy food in the hood. Juices for Life is filling a much needed void and we hope they expand! Keep up with Styles P on Twitter @TheRealStylesP & IG @RealHolidayStyles  
Spotlight Artist of November 
Sway Calloway

Sway, host of Sway in the Morning, has maintained a respected career in the music industry. Sway continues to give up and coming artist a platform to show their talents & he has dope conversations with well known artists. Sway in the Morning has a great team that keeps me tuned in! Follow Sway @RealSway on IG & Twitter & Listen to Sway in the Morning on Shade 45 on Sirius XM Radio & check out SwaysUniverse.com
Spotlight Artist of October
Minster Louis Farrakhan

Minster Louis Farrakhan is an outstanding leader, who preached love and respect, when i went to DC and heard him speak. I only felt the intention of peace, love , respect, and Unity. It's not a moment, its a movement Justice or Else. Keep up at the Nation of Islam website, and follow Farrakhan on Twitter and Instagram
Spotlight Artist of September 
Serena Williams 

Serena Williams has been practicing tennis since she was 3 years old. Fashion design, Jewlery, acting, books, 3 part ownership of the Miami Dolphins, Serena is successful on and off the court! She is a 36 time Grand Slam Winner & the winner of 4 Gold Medals, Serena gives us something to strive for! Keep up with Serena at SerenaWillams.com, and on Twitter and Instagram.
Spotlight Artist of August 
Hanna Lashay

Hanna Lashay is a unique young lady, singing, modeling, blogging, acting, being a make up artist, advocate, and an award winning entrepreneur. Hanna recently located to Atlanta to pursue her music career. At 16 years old with tremendos accomplishments, Hanna continues to raiese the bar! Keep up with Hanna at iamhannalashay.com, on Tumblr, Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and YouTube
Spotlight Artist of July 
Andrew Augustin

Drew is a amazing artist and video game designer. Andrew is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 2015 Gaming. He will be releasing Super Ubie Island Remix & a few exclusive new projects. Check out Drew on Forbes.com & Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Spotlight Artist of June
Sharecess Carter 

Sharecess Carter is a talented stylist, she designs clothes and can style you an outfit for any occasion. Sharecess sings and currently acts on Word to the Werid. Follow her on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, & Youtube
Spotlight Artist of May
Ivy Taylor

Mayor Taylor is the first elected African-American Mayor of San Antonio & has worked with a variety of neighborhood associations, developers and nonprofit organizations in order to facilitate inner city redevelopment. During her tenure on the City Council and as Mayor, she has remained focused on balanced growth throughout our city and targeted investment in areas where opportunities have been limited. She led the effort to bring over $50 million in federal funding to revitalization of San Antonio's Eastside. Mayor Taylor currently serves on the board for the Healthy Futures of Texas and Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas. 
Spotlight Artist of April 
DJ Mist

Dj Mist is the hottest and one of the most respected DJ's out of Atlanta, DJ Mist is a United States All Star DJ (UsaDjs) & works with Atlantic Records. DJ Mist has over 300 nationally distributed mixtapes, under his production with Big Oomp Records. Formerly a coveted Southern Style DJ & partner of producer DJ Montay, Mist has toured nationally & is currently based in Austin, Texas. Mist is the Resident DJ at Club C Roc in Killeen, Texas & teaches production and DJ lessons. Follow DJ Mist & Texas All Star DJs on Sound Cloud & @DjMistGlobal on IG turn up every Friday with DJ Mist live in the mix on Complete Culture Radio on the Tune in app on Welcome to the Weekend every Friday 5-7pm CST. 

Spotlight Artist of March

Darron is the co-owner of the hottest retail shop in Austin, Texas. Complete Culture is a brand Darron created to pursue all of his passions. Darron is multitalented, he created the gp4gc logo at a time when he was making shirts in his home, now he has a successful retail location that continues to grow and he recently set up complete culture radio which streams from 
Complete Culture 6037 N IH 35 in Austin, Texas. Shop online and listen to Complete Culture Radio at
CompleteCultureStore.com. Follow @CompleteCultureStore & @CompleteCultureRadio on Instagram & on Facebook at Complete Culture
Spotlight Artist of February
Radical Brownies 

The Radical Brownies are a group of young womyn, brown girls standing up! Letting the world know they will now let the system destroy our families! These girls are inspiring countless souls. Keep up with them on instagram and facebook
Spotlight Artist of January 2015
Elaine Brown 

Elaine Brown has held positions of power most people can't even imagine what to do with. I've had the pleasure of getting to know this stong womyn. Her strong powerful energy, uplifts those it needs to and puts others in their place. Ms. Elaine is still at it and is currently manifesting an organic farm in Oakland, CA. You can find her book at Amazon or Barnes and Nobel and keep up with Elaine on facebook
Spotlight Artist of December
Assata Shakur
Assata has stood up and fought more times than I can count. She has inspired change and strength in the hearts of many. Her book is a must read! Check it out on Amazon or Barnes & Nobel to find out why Assata is on the fbi most wanted list.

Spotlight Artist of Novmeber

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is just about as charismatic as they come. He has been acting for years and with every role he wins the hearts of even more fans. As a previous Oakland resident & a regular commuter on BART myself, Fruitvale Station had an emotional impact unlike any other film I'd ever seen in theaters. Michael recently wrapped production on Fantastic Four, playing the role of Johnny Storm AKA the Human Torch, the film will be released on August 7th, 2015. Michael supports Lupus LA & has spoken out about #BlackoutBlackFriday Keep up on instagram @MichaelBJordan & twitter @MichaelB4Jordan
Spotlight Artist of October
Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is an extraordinary womyn, she is an author and political activist. It is almost impossible to list the impact she has made in this world. Ordinary Person's Guide to an Empire is the first book I read and I couldn't put it down! I have since bought The God of Small Things & 3 more of Arundhati Roy's books. She is truly an inspiration, fighting for our people in every way she can. "That's what careless words do. They make people love you a little less." - The God of Small Things. Keep up with her books & essays at Barnes & Nobles or Amazon.
Spotlight Artist of September

Keke Palmer 

Keke Palmer has accomplished
so much it is awe inspiring to follow her career, an astonishing young womyn. To date, she is the youngest actress (then age ten) to ever to receive a nomination in a Lead Actress Category at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Keke starred in "Akeelah and the Bee" which received praise from many film critics and organizations, she went on to receive many awards, and star as the title character in a hit Nickelodeon series True Jackson VP. Keke Palmer is the youngest talk show host in TV history with her show on BET Just Keke! She is staring in a few upcoming films & recently became the first African-American womyn to play Cinderella in her debut on Broadway! She dazzles us with her dance moves in her music videos & Keke was out in Ferguson, MO fighting for our people! We love Just Keke! Keep with Keke Palmer at KekePalmer.com, on InstagramTwitter & youtube.


Spotlight Artist of August 
Talib Kweli

The Brooklyn-based rapper earned his stripes as one of the most lyrically-gifted, socially aware and politically insightful rappers. Whether working with Mos Def as one-half of Black Star, partnering with producer Hi-Tek for Reflection Eternal, releasing landmark solo material or collaborating with Kanye West or Madlib, Kweli commands attention by delivering top-tier lyricism, crafting captivating stories and showing the ability to rhyme over virtually any type of beat. With a recently released video: “What’s Real” Featuring Res, Talib is definitely staying focused as an artist. Talib Kweli is one of few celebrities that took to the streets of Ferguson, MO to educate, support, and speak his perspective of what is going on in the streets Talib Kweli is definitely keeping our attention! Keep up at TalibKweli.com & on twitter @TalibKweli


Spotlight Artist of July
Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings music has touched many souls, with his timeless lyricism and inspirational performances, Lyfe is unforgettable! Lyfe is a platinum selling R&B soul singer-songwriter, record producer, & instrumentalist, he plays guitar, bass, and piano. "I think that commercial success is a product of street level success, but people who strictly concentrate on commercial success. Once its gone they have nothing, but the people who build from the street level always have something to come back to, a loyal fan-base means a lot." We are really looking forward to Lyfe's album 10 years later to be released in 2014 & to his tour this summer! Keep up with Lyfe on Instagram @LyfeJennings & Twitter @Lyfeonline419

Spotlight Artist of June
Nick Baumgartner

Nick Baumgartner has so many accomplishments it's hard to keep track! The All-American wrestler, 2000 wrestling state champ, state champion hurdler and all-state football player added Olympian to his resume in 2010. Then in 2011 he further expanded his snowbordcross domination with an  X-Games gold medal and world cup victory! The 2012 season saw Baumgartner snag two top-10 World Cup finishes and an X-Games silver medal in Aspen. He then started off 2013, taking third at World Cup opener in Montafon, Austria, and another podium at Blue Moutain. Nick Says. "Anytime there was an opportunity to clip boards it seemed like it happened. It was rad making the Olympic team again, hectic as always but super rad to be able to see all the support i got from my hometown." Keep up with Nick on Instagram & Twitter @Nickbaumgartner & at NickBaumgartner.com
Spotlight Artist of May
Kreasha Williams

Kreasha Williams is a Personal Stylist & Thrift Style Blogger. The Thrift Style Blogger shows womyn how to style those great bargains found at the thrift store and still look sophisticated and chic. Fashion helps us reveal our identities without speaking a single word. If you want to discover your own personal style, if you want to stand out at your next business event or special occasion, or trends. You need Kreasha Williams, Texas' young, premier and knowledgeable Personal Stylist. Find all of her info at KreashaWilliams.com & follow
Kreasha on instagram & twitter
Spotlight Artist of April 
Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar's unforgettable sound engages audiences. "My lyrics say I have morals, I have confidence, I have weaknesses, I have strong points, that I am a human being." - Kendrick Lamar. With an artistic approach to hip-hop Kendrick has definitely shown his talent and we will keep watching.
KendrickLamar.com, Follow @kenddricklamar on instagram & twitter


Spotlight Artist of March

 Foolie Auto

Foolie Auto is an fascinating lyricists and performer! Foolie's drive and lyricism will keep you captivated "My music has a lot of emotion and truth tied into it. It's just my experience, there's no sugar coating it even if i wanted to." Foolie represents Kite Life a higher free spirited standard of living. Foolie's drive and lyricism will keep you captivated as the record replys. #KiteGangMusik FoolieAuto.com, Download Foolie's Mixtapes, Follow @FoolieAuto, @Foolie3900 & you gotta check out Foolie's youtube.

Spotlight Artist of February 

Dee-1 is hope, hope that positivity can prevail and touch the world. Dee-1's artistry is more than just music. It's about a lifestyle, a frame of mind that empowers people to live with purpose and develop what he calls "mission vision." "Everybody has a mission, and everyone is their own One Man or One Woman Army." Keep up with Dee-1 at
dee1music.com, twitter, & instagram @Dee1music
Spotlight Artist of January 2014 

KB's determination and love for music have created Swagg Muzik. His energy on stage captivates audiences; KB learned the ins and outs of the music business while with label-signed group Dallas' C.S.T. KB now represents himself with Swagg Muzik. KB is going to spend the next three months on a 76-city tour with DJ Baby Chino. KB has a swag that keeps you wanting more. You can keep up with KB on instagram & twitter @KBMuzik. 
Spotlight Artist of December
Christian Monzon

Christian Monzon is more than a talented model and actor, he has established Wyndotte St. Productions and has several projects in the developmental stage 2, written and conceived by ChristianMonzon has worked with many of the world's best photographers and models, he has appeared in advertising campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch, Perry Ellis, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana. His intense reverence for the art of storytelling has presented several opportunities along the lines of producing and writing. Monzon describes acting and storytelling, not just as a communication device but also as a tool that leads to self-knowledge and understanding. Keep up with Christian at ChristianMonzon.com, on facebook & twitter @WyndotteStreet 
Spotlight Artist of November
Rubina Iqbal

Rubina is a busy lady, running multiple bussinesses & volunteering, she is currently organizing a few different events. relaax. clothing for those with money and water for those without; relaax. is a friend inspired clothing line that donates 50% of their profits. Keep up at relaax.biz
Rubina's experiences with school and childcare inspired ARTIST Learning Center, currently a preschool in Cedar Park, Tx and soon to be all ages and all over the world. Rubina also manages Foolie Auto of Kite Gang Musik, is the founder of gp4gc; a 501c3 non-profit, and Rubina's Photography & Films, which was her first business, started at the age of 17. Within the first couple of years she was working with Vibe Magazine and artists like Jason Derulo, Bizzy Bone, & Christian Monzon. Rubina actively supports independently owned organic businesses. "Do what you love with faith and ambition and success is inevitable" Keep up with Rubina on instagram @1_Rubina, twitter @1_Rubina, and facebook.
Spotlight Artist of October
Michael Harris

Michael Harris opened Chef's Little Hut to pursue his dream of filling our hearts, minds, and souls with exquisite foods. Michael is a certified Chef de Cuisine who grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas & was raised in a family with 12 siblings. "I graduated high school but I didn't have a passion for the college life I knew what I wanted to do, but like everyone who doesn't act on their dreams quickly we get side tracked on things that don't count towards our goal. That costs me a few years of my life's passion, but if your dream is embedded deep enough nothing can stop you. Stay true to your dream and your dream will stary true to you." Contact Chef's Little Hut for your catering needs at ChefsLittleHut.com & on facebook
Spotlight Artist of September
Ebony Stewart 

With lips from any ghetto you choose and words spoken to save her own life, this Gully Princess by the name of Ebony Stewart is the only adult female three-time Slam Champion in Austin, Texas. She has shared stages with Amiri Baraka, Buddy Wakefield, and Anis Mojgani. Voted Slam Artist of the Year in 2012. Poetry is where Ebony goes to make things right.
Currently Ebony is probably eating cupcakes, reading a comic book, or searching for some fresh sneakers. That is if she isn't teaching Sex Education to 6th and 7th graders. You can keep up with Ebony at TheGullyPrincess.com, facebook, and @EbPoetry

Spotlight Artist of August

Crystal Victoria 

Crystal Victoria is the president and founder of Target Evolution Inc., a founding partner of Entrepreneur Education Management Corporation, a published author, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur who loves to learn and write. From the Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of a Boss Lady is based on the true story and the diary of Crystal Victoria. After overcoming the obstacles of adolescence, Crystal redefined her image by creating an opportunity for herself and our young generation. Target Evolution has made things possible for gp4gc and I could not put From the Streets to the Skies down I read her book in one day and you can get it at CrystalVictoria.com, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and AuthorHouse.com

Spotlight Artist of July 
Lisa Evans 

Lisa Evans is an actress and poet; she works with several Bay Area organizations including The California Shakespeare Theater Creative Risk Program, Youth Speaks, and Youth Uprising. Lisa has also performed with several different Bay Area Arts Organizations and has represented the Bay Area in various National Poetry Slams. She is currently an ensemble cast member in Our Hallowed ground: The Love Balm Project, a series of site specific performances based on the testimonies of Bay Area mothers who have lost children to violence.
You can keep up with Lisa on facebook

Spotlight Artist of June 

Kurtiss Colvin

Kurtiss Colvin is a professional boxer, who is currently 8-1 with 7 knockouts. Kurtiss has been boxing since the age of 14 with only a select few talented trainers along the way. He has a fight coming up in Dallas, Tx on June 15, 2013 at the American Airlines Center. You can keep up with Kurtiss on facebook & at kurtisscolvin.blogspot.com

Spotlight Artist of May

Bluu Suede
Bluu Suede is an amazing vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Bluu came into this world when Disco, Funk, and Soul were at its peak. With a variety of influences Bluu Suede created his own style. From Producing & Singing with Stres; the group Bluu and fellow artists created, being signed at the age of 18, making it to the top 25 on American Idol, and currently being on tour with Jill Scott, Bluu has many accomplishments and we can be sure there are more to come! Bluu mixes his sound by incorporating elements from a variety of genres, which include Rock, Country, R&B, Neo-Soul, and Hip-Hop. The music will move your spirit. 
BluuSuede.com, Follow @BluuSuede, and
Listen on Reverbnation

Spotlight Artist of April 2013


Anya is inspiration, she was fortunate enough to grow up in an environment of free thinking and creativity, Anya was able develop her adeptness with words and lyrics by constantly reading and writing new material. Anya simply believes that the art of creativity should never take a back seat to any other element. The principles of beauty, truth, freedom, and love are recurring themes. She enjoys the mystery of metaphor, her purpose is her voice, her voice is her music, and her music is for the world. Follow 
@anya_smith, like facebook, & listen to her music on soundcloud & reverbnation


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